IVP – Institute for Pension Education

Welcome to the institute for pension education IVP. The IVP was founded in 2012 to offer a quality boost to the Dutch pension industry through education, certification and registration.

FOR WHOM (Prospective) trustees, directors and officers of pension funds and their suppliers, as well as everyone who provides services to pension funds wanting to get an insight into ways to improve and tailor pension fund services.

Education The IVP has developed the unique Pension Fund Management programme; a one year practical training that connects all aspects of pension operations in a practical manner, and provides training and assessment of all essential competences with the aid of experienced NIP Register psychologists.

Certification Graduating the Pension Fund Management programme – by means of successfully completing an exam in knowledge, insight, judgment and competences – will be awarded with the exclusive title of RPB Register Pension Fund Trustee

Registration The IVP advocates the creation of an industry-wide professional register for those qualified to manage, support or advice a pension fund.


By way of self-regulation of the pension industry in the Netherlands, a pension fund trustee can meet two aptitude levels. Aptitude entails knowledge, skills and ethics.

The aptitude levels A and B include knowledge, insight, judgment, competences and professional conduct.

At level A a trustee is able to broadly explain and apply the pension fund system; (s)he is able to independently and if desired participate actively in the decision-making process; and (s)he is able to recognise the interdependence between the following different areas, namely (i) pension plans and pension types, (ii) relevant rules and regulations, (iii) financial-technical and actuarial aspects, (iv) outsourcing of activities, (v) the management of an organisation, (vi) accounting and internal auditing, and (vii) communication.

Level B entails the knowledge of level A with a deepening in and current specialist knowledge of at least one of the seven so-called focus areas. The trustee is an accomplished negotiation partner for experts brought in by the pension fund.

Aptitude level B is desired for large and complex funds.

The IVP programme pension fund management and the IVP competence trainings are facilitated at level B.